Affordable Drug Rehabs

There are two main barriers for most people who need drug rehab help. The first is usually being willing to get help for their substance abuse problem, the second is access to treatment. Access can be broken down into two more categories; bed availability vs. affordable treatment. Inpatient drug rehabs can easily cost $15,000 per month or more, including non-profits. While this is more of an average cost and can be much less in some cases, this is an accurate figure when factoring in all of the available programs.

Affordable drug rehabs can sometimes be hard to find, and those that have financial assistance available usually have waiting lists so there is no immediate openings for admission. Another task can include finding a facility that works with your insurance, if you’re fortunate enough to have substance abuse coverage, that also fits your preferred method of rehabilitation.

Given the difficulties associated with finding immediate access to treatment, it can be a good idea to adjust your focus into finding ways that it can become affordable. For example, a facility might accept insurance for partial payment, even if it is not within your immediate network. Another way could be to use healthcare financing options, where near-instant approval can provide a specialized credit card from established lenders to use at treatment facilities. Making payments to a medical loan such as that can make drug rehabs be much more affordable on a monthly basis than standard treatment center financing options.

If you would like more information on finding affordable drug rehabs, or assistance in making them more affordable, contact us for help at your convenience.